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Name:Chie Satonaka
((Rp account owned by [info]sonicsora ))


OOC Information:   

Name: Sora or Trix 

Age: 20

AIM: TrixySonicsora


Y!M:   N/A


Are you new? If not, list your current characters: Nope, not new. Lili Zanotto & Eddie Riggs.

IC Information:

Name: Chie Satonaka 

Fandom:  Persona 4
 (The Game)
Timeline: Sometime after the school camping trip.

Age: 16

Appearance: Chie stands at a reasonably decent 5'3, slim, but athletic due to her training. Chie has light brown hair cut into a bobcut, brown eyes and slightly sunburnt skin. Chie is usually wearing her favorite high collared green and yellow track sweater over her school uniform. The sweater's hem stops at the midway point of her grey and black checkered skirt. Under her skirt she wears a pair of black biker shorts. She wears ankle high socks and loafers as well per regulations of her school uniform.
Casual clothes wise, she's prone to wearing a grey skirt, white tank top and baggy green sweater with sneakers.
In the TV world, she dons a pair of yellow glasses to see through the intense fog layered across the world's landscape. She will most likely appear wearing those when she arrives.

Abilities: Without her Persona, Chie is a relatively 'normal' high schooler. Just one obsessed with martial arts movies. Thanks to that, Chie has a strong grasp of martial arts, be it her preferring to use her feet over her fists in a fight. She can defend herself from attackers and is very capable of fighting people twice her size. She maybe small, but she packs a punch.
When summoning her Persona Tomoe Gozen, her abilities increase and she has a make shift summon made up of facets of Chie's personality made to face hardships.
-Skewer [Light physical damage to one enemy]
-Bufu [Light ice damage to one enemy]
-Skull Cracker [Light physical damage to one enemy/confusion status]
-Mabufu [Light ice damage to all enemies]
-Assault Dive [Small physical damage to one enemy]
Tomoe is summonable in first facility, just extremely nerfed. She will show up very briefly and vanish just as quickly. -40 MP

Personality: Chie can be described in three words right off the bat; outgoing, friendly and energetic. She is prone to loud outbursts, jumping into situations without much forethought and thinking with her heart over using her head.
This doesn't mean Chie doesn't have anything knocking around in her skull though, she is smart, but doesn't apply her logic very well (Or very often) when she's in the heat of the moment. She's always doggedly focused on one goal at a time, be it practicing her martial arts or rushing headlong into a fight to protect someone who she thinks is in need, Chie tends only use logic when forced into a moment of thought. That task can be a hard one to achieve with the fact she is an emotional creature at heart, her reactions are always tied back to her emotions. It makes her bullheadedness and over reactions even more exaggerated at moments.

Chie is also known for her short temper, it goes hand in hand with her over reactions and usually the cause of it due to her emotions bubbling over so quickly that she reacts instead of thinks. It is why the players first introduction to Chie is her delivering a swift kick to the nuts to Yosuke when she found out he broke the dvd she lent to him. Her temper flares easily and quickly, unabashed by logic or anything else for that matter.

Even with her brash behavior, it doesn't mean Chie is fearless. The exact opposite is true, sure she isn't afraid of everything per say, but she does fear being a failure alongside not being able to protect those she cares for. Its why her reactions to bullies is so venomous as it is. She wants to prove that she isn't a failure in any sense of the word whilst protecting people.

For her full application, check her journal.

Overall Info Rating: G - NC17.
Death: Discuss beforehand please, I'm sort of fond of Chie and all.
Smut: Only with some major plotting, Chie is about sixteen after all.
Yaoi - Het - Yuri: Nope, not really possible since Chie is a chick - Sure - again surree~
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